English Majestic Batting - 60/40% Cotton and Polyester, Full/Queen 90" X 120"

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Bosal Foam & Fiber - English Majestic 60/40 (Cotton and Polyester) 90" X 120"  - This is an oversized batting - Full/Queen

100% Cotton batting. Triple-carded, needlepunched cotton. Extremely stable, stitch up to 8in apart. No pre-shrinking required. 100% natural, no scrims or resins.

Made of: 100% Cotton

  • Needle Punched
  • Non-fusible
  • Does not Contain Scrim
  • Space between stitches - 8in apart
  • Loft: Medium
  • Washing/drying instructions: No pre-shrinking required

Made from the highest quality products, Bosal Batting is available in three thicknesses – Summer, Winter and Autumn. 

 It is also available in three qualities – “Katahdin” premium 100% polyester and premium 100% cotton, and  “Acadia” premium 80% cotton 20% polyester


 You will be happy when you use Bosal batting on your project!

 As with all Bosal products, Made in the U.S.A