Terial Magic - Fabric Stablizier 24 fl. oz

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Terial Magic™ is a non-aerosol fabric stabilizing spray reated with Terial Magic, fabrics do not fray when cut, sewn or ironed, and they hold shapes and folds. Originally created for use in creating dimensional fabric flowers, Terial Magic can replace stabilizers and fusibles for quilters and embroiderers and keeps fraying in check for all kinds of fiber and mixed media art.

Terial Magic (pronounced like material) was created for use on fabrics that fray at the edge when cut, or lightweight fabrics that need to have more body to be easily handled. The manufacturers note that you can use it on T-shirt jersey, polyester, wool and many other fabrics.

Treated fabric has a noticeable body, much like a sheet of paper — it is not stiff or plasticky. There is no difference in the fabric’s feel or finish, and colors remain true with no shift lighter or darker. Treated fabric is ideal for:

  • creating dimensional flowers and leaves or other 3-D embellishments for fiber art or clothing (the manufacturers do suggest using a clear matte acrylic spray on dimensional fabric flowers to give even more permanence as well as water resistance)
  • paper piecing
  • cutting appliqué shapes (raw-edge, or easily finger press under ¼" allowances for hand or machine stitching) and any intricate shapes
  • machine embroidery (instead of fusible or paper stabilizers)
  • fabric origami 
  • computer printing photos and images 
  • running through electronic cutting machines 
  • and more!


24 fl. oz size