Heat Press Batting Together, Hem Tape Black & White - 10 yards each

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HEAT Press Batting Together was developed to fuse batting-fabric or fabric  together to fit a specific size, to enlarge or reinforce. The HEAT Press Batting Together is 3/4" inch cloth tape on a 10 yard roll, will allow batting edges to be fused together with a soft fuse that stretches, eliminating the old pinning and stitching .  This is geared towards hems or quilt as you go. The product can be used on any batting fabric content. With this product quilters' will be able to use all the batting they have purchased. The purchase of one package of "Heat Press Batting Together" contains 10 yards. Use it for: Quilting, Reinforcement for stretch fabric, Backing for stretch fabric, Patch for stretch fabric. 100% Made in the USA Steps to Use: Iron setting to Cotton for all battings but Wool. Set the heat to Wool for the Wool Battings. Use an up and down motion with the iron as you place the tape for the first time on the batting to hold it in place. When the tape is set in place, then apply heat and you may use a little steam to completely melt the glue backing. You will find that the tape is soft, flexible, stretches and is easy needle ready for either hand quilting or machine quilting. It's fast and easy.

  • 10 yards
  • Good for all batting types - use iron settings for correct fiber
  • Made in the USA
  • 3/4 inches wide so you just have to cut a straight line