Hobbs Fusible Batting Strips

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HOBBS HAS DISCONTINUED THIS SIZE.  When my supply is gone, this size is no longer available.


80/20 Batting Strips - 2.25 inches by 25 yards roll.  Cotton/Polyester Blend w/Water-Soluble, fusing medium on Both Sides.  This product maintains loft and integrity, needles wonderfully and will not gunk up your needle.  More information at:  


The narrow 2.25 inch width of these batting strips makes it easy to neatly roll 2.5 inch cut fabric strips around the batting and, because this batting is fusible, you won't have to pin or baste your strips.  

Use - use a hot, dry iron to press (not iron) your fabric strips onto these batting strips without moving the iron and don't use steam.  The fusing medium is water-soluble and the strips won't stick if they get wet.