In-R-Form - 36" X 58" -Single Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer

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Bosal In R Form Foam Stabilizers are a unique foam stabilizer batting, laminated onto foam, ideal for bag making. It's soft, formable, easy-to-stitch, and needle friendly. This product gives stability and shape to your bags so they'll sand up instead of slouching down over time. Brushed polyester laminated to foam.

It's fusible on one side so there's no need to baste it to your fabric.  Larger bags might require quilting to hold the layers together but that need is eliminated using this product. 

One package gives you enough product to make all of our larger bags and two of mid sized bags.  This product can be pieced together so you can use every scrap!  

36 x 58 inch. Single Sided Fusible. White.